Xpressi, is Shira's powerful collaborative workflow solution specifically designed to bring maximum efficiency to your entire operation. Xpressi optimizes your workflow by empowering your teams. You decide how much power to put behind your solution - saving you time and reducing costs. As a network-based system, Xpressi easily and swiftly moves jobs through a virtual production environment.

Xpressi configurations support both CEPS raster and PDF workflows. Straight out of the box Xpressi provides a powerful solution. Xpressi is device independent and can plug into your existing configuration for easy scalability. As volume increases Xpressi configurations are easily upgraded to support increased job throughput and higher volumes of data, or even distributed configurations.

Innovative, automated,
network workflow Solution

Xpressi Highlights:

- Innovative, Automated, Collaborative Workflow™

- Easily plugs into existing configurations
- and workflows

- Streamlined Anytime, Anywhere,
- “Virtual Workflow Environment”

- Superior Quality Image Processing

- LightsOut™ Workflow

- Easy Scalability for Maximum Efficiency
- and the Power customers need

- Supports all standard industry file formats

Xpressi In Depth....