Innovative, Automated Network Preprint Solutions™
The graphic arts industry is changing faster than ever before. With the added impact of the current economy, publishers, printers and prepress houses are streamlining everywhere they can. Eliminating bottlenecks and bringing greater and greater efficiencies to their business and processes is foremost to increasing or in many case maintaining the bottom line.

We understand the challenges companies are facing. We've helped our customers leverage and extend existing investments and integrate efficiency and effectiveness throughout their production process. Our solutions are helping by achieving successes such as:

Provide differentiating value by bringing converters and originators closer together.

Streamline the submission and distribution of digital jobs into and out of the production process, while providing strong management, tracking and reporting of accounts and products.

Provide powerful automated LightsOut™ workflow processes in a drag and drop environment, shortening the learning curve and giving everyone a consistent, intuitive view over a universally accepted browser interface.

Effective process definition and control throughout the system provides organizations to run more effectively and efficiently. Limiting the loss of information typical to the current solutions available.


Shira consistently delivers on the needs of demanding companies by providing integrated solutions, services, and training.

By listening to our customers, industry analysts, and the marketplace, Shira knows first hand that companies are seeking new functionality that eclipses the traditional definition of prepress workflow solutions. These organizations require a production solution that supports content in any format, any kind of process, or distribution channel or destination, and any contributor or user irrespective of their organizational role or technical ability.