X·press·i™ (ik spres E)
n. the act of expressing, conveying or communicating through an unattended process resulting in an efficient and productive workflow - the modern derivative of ex·pres·sion n. something that expresses or communicates, and ex·press adj. 1) EXACT, PRECISE 2) designed for or adapted to its purpose. 3) traveling at high speed 4) all of the above.


Innovative, Automated, Network Workflow Solution
The Xpressi development team has created a workflow solution of awesome power. Xpressi empowers production teams and brings digital workflow efficiency to a new level. The product name and logo were developed to embrace that power visually. We thought you might find it interesting to learn the meaning behind the product name and logo.

The Xpressi logo is comprised of many significant parts. The word Xpressi holds significance.
The “X” is the Roman numeral for ten. The foundation from which all other numbers are created.
Next the word PRESS. Everything Xpressi does is in the preparation of files for press output.
The letter “i” represents the Internet, and more broadly communication. The logo swooshes vary in thickness and in color. They move with grace and agility on different planes, representing the ability of Xpressi to simultaneously handle multiple processes, with dual processors while incorporating multiple queues. The swooshes converge at the burst representing the awesome power of this automated prepress production management solution.