Xpressi in depth:
Lights Out ™ Streamlined Automation

delivering exceptional control, hands-off processing,
and feedback for every job

Simply set process parameters and administrate. .Xpressi moves the jobs effortlessly through the system while giving you exceptional control. Xpressi streamlines the process of job submission and setup, preflight processing, file conversion and trapping. Stay informed with up-to-the minute email notification. Soft proofing, job tracking and approval are all made easy with Xpressi.

makes Prepress Anywhere™ a reality
Xpressi can be accessed locally or over the network. Xpressi provides powerful management capabilities of user and group privileges, job submission and flow definitions, job ticket template creation and delivers any industry standard prepress output file format to any networked device or destination.

Taking Control
easily, efficiently, and affordably

Xpressi empowers your prepress and print production teams while bringing a new level of efficiency to your digital workflow. Simply set the process parameters of the job and work according to your schedule and later monitor the progress. Creators and originators submit jobs, monitor progress, and approve jobs over the network. System administrators set the secure access permissions by client, workgroup, and jobs. Predefined authorization ensures your job moves quickly and accurately through the system.

ensures control for capacity today and in the future
With Xpressi you decide how much power to put behind your solution. User's supply the server hardware based on their individual requirements. Xpressi currently runs multiple processing queues with the option to increase. User's can scale the Xpressi solution by software application and by hardware.

As you grow, Xpressi Power Servers can be integrated to help control process bottlenecks in key production areas like preflight, RIP and Trap. Adding a process module helps you overcome specific problem areas without the costly investment of an additional system.

Ease of Use
creates browser based virtual environment
Xpressi is browser based so everyone works on the same interface helping you integrate your departments virtually. The simplicity and intuitive design of Xpressi reduces the learning curve. Jobs are moved effortlessly throughout the digital workflow, from anywhere, making it easy to achieve premium results.

Native PDF and Raster Workflows
device independent design
At the core of Shira's Xpressi technology the system utilizes native PDF and/or Raster files. The files are processed in a totally output device independent manner. Housed in Xpressi are an array of versatile automated engines and modules including; Job Submission, Job Ticket, Template, Preflight, RIP, Trap, Normalize, CEPS2PS, CEPS2PDF, Imposition, remote Soft Proofing, OPI Resampler, OPI Resolve, and Job Download.. Xpressi accepts virtually any standardized file format, including Postscript, TIFF/It, PDF, PDF/x, NCT, NLW, DCS1 and DCS2 and delivers ready to image, predictable data.

keeps your jobs on schedule
Xpressi's virtual environment helps you integrate all departments, from sales to production, into the workflow seamlessly. Based on a system of workgroups and permissions, Xpressi keeps job information together and helps avoid loss of information during department or shift hand-offs.

even when you leave the office
Predefined authorized users can receive job status notification over e-mail or text messaging as the job proceeds through the workflow. Giving them peace of mind or reminding them that it is time to approve the job at any point in the process.

Innovative, automated,
network workflow Solution


Xpressi Highlights:

- Innovative, Automated, Collaborative Workflow™

- Easily plugs into existing configurations
- and workflows

- Streamlined Anytime, Anywhere,
- “Virtual Workflow Environment”

- Superior Quality Image Processing

- LightsOut™ Workflow

- Easy Scalability for Maximum Efficiency
- and the Power customers need

- Supports all standard industry file formats