Shira, Inc. is a world-class developer of intuitive, automated digital workflow solutions - attune with the knowledge, vision and innovation to deliver scalable, efficient and vendor independent designs for prepress, printing and publishing firms worldwide.

Shira's expertise in workflow solutions is unmatched. The team assembled today is comprised of leading industry developers and marketers. Shira understands the inherent advantages in vendor independent workflow solutions and has harnessed their knowledge and experience to provide solutions today that other vendors can only hope to reach tomorrow.

Shira's vision is to unleash the industry's next evolution of workflow solutions allowing today's prepress and print professionals to maximize investments while maintaining their competitive edge. This vision is fast becoming reality in Xpressi, Shira's innovative, automated, network workflow solution.

Shira was founded in 1987 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vyyo,
(Nasdaq: VYYO), a leading global supplier of broadband fixed wireless systems.
Shira's dedication and commitment to empowering the user by creating vendor independent environments and open solutions is unparalleled.

Shira has an outstanding reputation in the graphic arts community as an industry leader. Founded by Scitex veterans in 1987, Shira has continues to develop innovative digital prepress workflow solutions. Shira astutely spotted the trend to PDF based products. They discovered early-on the inherent advantages in vendor independent workflow solutions. And Shira has now extended these innovations and migrated into network-based production and management solutions.

Shira supplies the worldwide printing and publishing market with innovative, automated network preprint workflow solutions. Our focus is comprehensive solutions that help customer’s automate the printing and prepress production process.

This focus becomes crystal clear in Xpressi, Shira’s newest family of workflow products. Xpressi is an automated network-based, collaborative, raster and PDF workflow solution that enables remote prepress production in a highly integrated manner.

Shira offers a complete range of products that meet the needs of almost every type of company within the printing and publishing industry. Shira solutions are found in over 5,000 sites worldwide.

Shira has forged a simple philosophy – we can help if we listen, innovate, and refine. Our market relationships have developed over time and together we bring leading solutions to the market. At Shira we strive for customer success through knowledge, vision and innovation.

Our philosophy also applies to our people, who make the difference. The Shira team is recognized for their knowledge, strong values, integrity, and can-do work ethic. The Shira philosophy is sprinkled throughout the Shira organization and enhanced through a no-bars management style.
The Shira team works hard for you, the customer and takes pride in helping customer’s develop and succeed.

Shira is helping customers and partners make the most of their production challenges and business opportunities. Shira solutions are found at prepress, printing and publishing firms worldwide. Shira let’s you start where it will help you most and offers a wide range of workflow applications. The Shira solutions are fully scalable to meet the fast changing demands of today’s environments.


Shira, Inc.

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Shira, Ltd
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