At Shira, we strive to develop and deliver the highest quality products, maintain leading-edge technology, and provide value-added, integrated workflow solutions.
All Shira systems run under Windows 2000 on standard hardware to maximize compatibility and preserve your investment. Shira systems are engineered to support automatic, unattended or interactive workflows.

Shira's field-proven products are a key element in any digital prepress workflow. These applications are constantly adapted and improved to meet changing market needs and technologies.

The automatic RIP workflow system

Today’s razor thin profit margins and tight production schedules require streamlined prepress operations. ShiraRIP enables you to maximize output capacity, allowing your proofing, imagesetting, and platesetting systems—as well as digital presses—to run at full speed. Since ShiraRIP generates predictable, industry standard “flat” files, there are no last-minute surprises to delay critical pressroom schedules. more...

Automate your proofing process to save time and money

ShiraMediaSaver is the only automated, high-resolution output management system to make the most efficient use of all of your available resources, including proofing, film, and plate materials.. It provides a range of tools that improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff on digital and halftone-based output systems.

Seamlessly integrate raster files into your PostScript workflow

While the majority of today’s prepress jobs are output on PostScript-based imaging systems, there are still plenty of raster files generated on legacy prepress systems (CEPS). The graphic arts industry has also embraced the TIFF/IT standard for distributing digital advertising materials. Shira’s CEPStoPS and TIFF/ITtoPS patented applications preserve the reliability of raster files while converting them into compact and predictable PostScript files compatible with all your PostScript RIPs. more...