BEST Color and Shira Computers Announce
Co-Development of Web-Based Remote Proofing Solution for the Printing Industry

April 10, 2001

Shira Commercially Releases its eP2 Onsite Workflow Solution for Printers
Transforms the prepress industry with its latest advancement and gains robust technological lead over competitors

March 1, 2001

Wise Business and Shira Close on Landmark Distribution Agreement in Japan
February 12, 2001

eP2 at Graphintro 2001 Shira and ATG digital Announce Distribution Deal
January 23, 2001

Shira Licenses PC MACLAN’s AppleTalk Technology from Miramar To Enable Multi-Platform Connectivity Shira’s Previously Windows-based Digital Prepress Technology Now Available for Macintosh Platform
January 9, 2001